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Sometimes it gets boring on the Argo II and we need something to take our minds of the possibility of dying at any given moment so we answer your questions! -Hazel, Leo, Frank, Nico, Percy, Annabeth, Piper and Jason.

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Sep 4

Aug 23

Anonymous said: Do you know any good Percico fanfics? (love your blog btw)


First of all, thanks! Glad to know you like my blog.

Now, you can try reading my works (haha!). Most of it, I’m still fixing grammar and stuff, but some are quite good… at least I think so. 

But! If you get tired of my shit, you can try my Fanfiction Masterpost, I put tons of good recs there. Or you can go to Percicofanfiction. It’s a blog entirely dedicated to Percico fanfiction and we do lots of recs there. 

Hope you enjoy it, Nonnie. 

Aug 20

Aug 19

Aug 18

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